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The global e-learning market has been growing significantly in the past few years, Reuters article predict the global market will be worth $275.10 billion 2022.


Technology has allowed online courses to be far more interactive than they have been in the past. Courses no longer must be linear and branching technology enables learners to access content they actually need upskilling. As opposed to the traditional classroom method of going through standardised content chronologically. The gamification allowed by new technologies have also resulted in a significant increase in engagement and retention of information.


These learning improvements have multiple applications however have significantly increased the use of e-learning in the corporate space, transforming the workplace into a virtual classroom. Organisations can now reliably use learning tools to match competencies with the learning goals of individual staff members that assist them in achieving their professional development targets as well as bridging skill gaps.


This is an improvement to conventional learning methods. The flexibility allowed by e-learning platforms also have a magnitude of other organisational benefits where employers can provide sought after training to their employees in an efficient and inexpensive way whilst the online nature of the programs allow employees to upskill in their own time as opposed to carving out days or weeks into their work load for external training.


The increase in e-learning has experienced significant growth arguably due to its creative instructional design methods, walking away from traditional teaching/training models. We are referring to the traditional teaching methods of “chalk and talk”; or perhaps more accurately in the 21st century, PowerPoint and talk.


Having access to behaviour studies and learner behaviour information, we know more about how to transfer knowledge and skills effectively than we ever did. We have the technology to make this happen more quickly and effectively than ever before. Yet we still struggle along using 19th century methods of teaching and learning.


If teaching or training is something you’re about to get involved with and you were thinking about using the PowerPoint and talk model or have been ‘PowerPoint and talking’ for a while now, there is an alternative way ahead through creative instructional design methods. These methods can be applied to face to face workshops however are excellent tools when designing e-learning content and structure.


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