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Originally introduced in 2008, blockchain technology is highly useful for creating ledger systems. It is most often used for cryptocurrencies- most commonly bitcoin- and is ideal for anybody who wants a decentralizeddistributed and public digital ledger.

Do you need professional development experts to teach your team about blockchain management?

Based in London, Scrypt Education offer a wide range of corporate training courses, including those for IT and engineering professionals who want to learn more about coding and programming on the blockchain.

Our corporate training courses include our Blockchain Management Course which runs from 22nd to the 23rd November. Book before the 31st October and you can enjoy excellent discounts.

We also deliver corporate training courses on various other subjects, which include business skills training, such as Decision Making, Innovation and Leadership, Teamwork, Interpersonal and Communication, Leadership, Teamwork and Communication, Time Management, and much more.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our courses and are dedicated to helping people use the latest technology to get ahead.

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