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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Scott Jones

Chairman | Founder

Scott has 18 years of commercial and strategic experience and is currently Chief Executive Officer for Careers & Industry, a division of global educational provider Navitas.

Throughout his career, Scott has gained significant international experience, as well as having developed partnerships across the US, UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East.

Freddy El Turk

Chief Technical Officer | Co-Founder

Freddy has a diverse background in almost all areas of technology. With his technical qualifications from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University and University of Oxford, he is also the Founder of Vizidox, a crypto-signed tamper-proof distributed digital safe.

Damien Farrell

Director | Co-Founder

Damien currently holds Chief Executive Officer role for Australian School of Applied Management (ASAM), one of Australia’s most respected providers of management and leadership education.

Damien has cultivated 17 years of commercial experience in training and professional development.

Aasia Baraky

Managing Director | Founder

Aasia comes from a strong business and relationship management background within the education and career services space. Throughout her career, Aasia has gained experience in assisting individuals and organisations with their career and professional development areas.