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About Scrypt Education

At Scrypt Education, we pride ourselves on being a team of professional development experts specialising in the delivery of technical and non-technical workshops for individuals and organisations in the UK.

The corporate landscape is ever-evolving and innovations brought forward by Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence will only accelerate change even further.

We are passionate about learning

Through customised training workshops, we believe that organisations, as well as individuals, can prepare themselves on how to use such innovations to their advantage. Today’s complicated, global economy requires a skilled workforce that can learn and implement such technologies to fuel the success of an organisation.

With our programmes and delivery, our mission is to convert technical, complex concepts relating to emerging technologies, into readily accessible material for teams and the everyday individual to understand. Whether you are a seasoned programmer, or a non-technical leader, we have workshops available for all levels.

We are committed to delivering high quality content

With extensive experience in Global Education, Training and Technology, we are committed to delivering high quality content via a variety of delivery methods.

Whether you are looking to upskill yourself, or your team, please contact us for more information. Download our Fact Sheet for further information.

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